Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Launch Trailer Released

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The now released Carrier Command remake, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission has had a launch trailer released for it. This is the Carrier Command: Gaea Mission launch trailer. The game is currently out on the PC platform and will be released on the Xbox 360 in 8 days time, on the 11th of October.

On the game, Bohemia’s CEO had this to say –

“Carrier Command: Gaea Mission delivers everything I loved about the original, and much more”, said Marek Španěl, CEO and founder of Bohemia Interactive. “The action-packed, strategic gameplay, combined with the open environments and stunning visuals, make this a melting pot unlike anything else. It is one of those games, I and many passionate gamers like me have been longing for.”

In this game players are tasked with capturing islands in an effort to take down an enemy commander of an opposing Command Carrier. We have already reviewed the game, so you can be sure to check that out here.

Be sure to check out the trailer, embedded below for more info.

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