XCOM: Enemy Unknown Demo Out Now

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Fans of the XCOM franchise, or those taking an interest in the franchise for the first time will be pleased to know that a demo for the upcoming XCOM Enemy Unknown is now available on Steam. The demo itself is a whooping 5.4gb in size, so those of us with a small internet cap will probably have to find another means to obtain the demo.

As someone who has taken a look at the demo already, I can tell you that it is very similar to the levels of the game that we played earlier this year, only it is a lot more refined. Disappointingly though, is that the demo ends incredibly fast, especially if you skip through all of the cutscenes. And it ends on the most cliffhanger part possible too. This has got my psyched for the full game when it releases in under a months time.

Players can pre-order the game at this link. Pre-orders will receive an Elite pack which unlocks a bunch of new customisations and special abilities. This is all rundown on the previous link.

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