Posted by Joshua Spudic on Sep 13, 2012

Nintendo Confirm Wii U European Launch Titles

Nintendo of Europe have confirmed a list of Wii U titles available on the European launch date of November 30 as well as game that will be available during the launch window. The image (courtesy of VG247) above lists nine games that will be available on November 30. These include New Super Mario Bros U, Nintendoland, Rayman Legends, Mass Effect 3 and FIFA 13. What is odd with this list is that it doesn’t list Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which was announced for the Wii U in November.

The launch window will run from day one of the Wii U’s availability to the end of March 2013. In total, there are at least 50 games that will be released in this launch period. There is an excellent choice of games that will be available in the launch window. Are there any that take your fancy? Give us your thoughts below.

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