Posted by Claire Phillips on Sep 14, 2012

New Screenshots for Of Orcs and Men

The alternate side of the traditional fantasy tale is being explored in Of Orcs and Men, a new RPG hitting stores and consoles next month. The game is a product of a partnership between Spiders (Faery: Legends of Avalon and the Testament of Sherlock Holmes) and Cyanide (both Game of Thrones titles). It follows the tale of an Orc and a Goblin as they make their way through the human Empire to assassinate the man who has been causing them so much trouble – the Emperor.

The newly released screenshots show off the graphics engine that was wholly developed by Spiders, and boast a strong, rich fantasy style. That hefty looking fellow above is one of the main protagonists, a warrior Orc named Arkaïl who will be accompanied on his journey by Styx, the thieving Goblin. Make sure and click on the thumbnails below for a larger version of the shots.

Of Orcs and Men is to see a retail release across the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on October 11, and will become available for worldwide PC download on October 18.

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