Posted by Joshua Spudic on Sep 21, 2012

New Little King’s Story Hits Australia October 4

In Europe, New Little King’s Story will be released next week. For those in Australia and New Zealand, however, patience will have to be exercised a little longer. Konami has revealed that New Little King’s Story for the Playstation Vita will be released on October 4 in Australia and New Zealand, one week after the European release of September 27. A price for both retail and digital download was not announced at this point in time.

In New Little King’s Story, players will take control of King Corobo, tasked with reclaiming his kingdom from the Devil King, “The Nightmare.” In order to achieve this, King Corobo must battle through seven different kingdoms with the Royal Guard, loyal followers and soldiers of King Corobo. Players can use the different control methods, including the rear touch pad, to lead King Corobo and his Royal Guard to victory. Online features such as downloadable content, item combining, co-operative play and online leaderboards will also be included.

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