Kirby’s 20th Anniversary: Special Edition Now Available

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If you have been keeping up, Nintendo have been celebrating Kirby’s 20th this year all over, but the centerpiece to the celebration has now hit stores for all of you pink puff fans to swoop up. Kirby’s 20th Anniversary: Special Edition features Dream Land 1, 2, 3, Adventure, Superstar, and Kirby 64, along with a soundtrack and nifty little history book. There are also a lot of extras on disc, such as three episodes of the animated series, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, as well as a video for every game released in the franchise to date.

We will soon be posting our review for the collection, but let me assure you…it is worth it. Go pick up your own piece of birthday cake on the Wii today, and enjoy every last glee filled minute of it.

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