Halo 7, 8, 9 in Our Future?

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Even before the release of Halo 4 by 343 Industries, and the two subsequent sequels that will make up the Reclaimer trilogy, there are signs that point to a possible plan to develop a third Halo trilogy.

Earlier this week, Microsoft had bought five domain names in total: halo7.net, halo7.org, halo8.org, halo9.net andhalo9.org. These domain names were previously registered to DNStination Inc., a domain privacy service operated by company MarkMonitor. A quick trip to the MarkMonitor website reveals that Microsoft is indeed a “strategic partner” of theirs.

It is obvious that Halo is one of the biggest brand names in video game history, and it makes Microsoft a ton of money being its main exclusive. A third trilogy is therefore definitely not out of the question, and in some ways is to be expected. Microsoft could also just be protecting their brand.

Do you guys think Halo can sustain interest through to a 9th (main) entry?

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