Atelier Totori Plus screens show off more of what we love

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While Atelier Totori Plus: The Adventurer of Arland is only set to be released on November 29th in Japan at the moment, there is a relatively high chance that the game may be making its way overseas to North America and for this exact reason you should check out some of the screenshots, and yes one piece of Totori artwork, recently released for the Japanese version of the game below. One thing to take note of is that despite the fact that Totori Plus is a portable version of a console title, the game’s impressive visuals remain mostly intact.

One of the new inclusions that Atelier Totori Plus will feature, besides being portable on the PlayStation Vita, is a new dungeon called Orthogalaxen which can be seen below, though it is worth noting that this dungeon actually appeared in Atelier Rorona first. This new dungeon will contain some special materials and enemies that will provide what you will need to create some of thew new costumes and weapons that will be added into the game.

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