Urban Futbol out now on Android, iOS and the Web

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Surely you have heard of the world-famous Red Bull Balcony Shot right? Oh you haven’t? Well you have now! You too can participate in the ultimate event with the brand new app game Urban Futbol.

Urban Futbol looks to be the hottest new app on the market with availability on iOS, Android and even Free to Play online at your computer right now! You can participate in the challenges of the Red Bull Balcony Shot to try reach the top of the leaderboards, unlock all the achievements and become the ‘Breaker of Pots’, ‘Master Shooter’ or the ‘Balloon Nemesis’.

You can download the great game that is Urban Futbol on iOS here, Android here and play it online for free here. Be sure to let us know what you think of the freshest new app game out in the comments section below.

Check out the video below to see the real life Balcony Shot event

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