The Gaming Connection Episode 2 – Guild Wars 2

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Welcome to the Second episode of The Gaming Connection with me as your host, Benjamin “LinkageAX” Webb. In this weeks extra-long second episode of the series, we take a look at the recently released and super-special awesome: Guild Wars 2. Most of this episodes gags are in the first 5 minutes, so feel free to skip ahead to the meat past that.

Also for the first time in the series, we have actual gameplay! And yes, the opening sequence is sped up just a little.

The Episode is titled The Gaming Connection with LinkageAX – Guild Wars 2. Hope you enjoy it!

This weeks agenda is as follows –

The Gaming Connection –
With LinkageAX.

Topic: Guild Wars 2

Agenda –

-Greet peeps
-Introduce Self
-Introduce Topic

– Why Guild Wars 2?
– What I’m liking
– Launch day issues
– Things I’m disliking
– Anything Else I might think of on the fly

-Closing Statements
-Connecting with you: What is your opinion on GW2 so far? #GamingConnection
-Send answers via Twitter, Comments Section below or my email
-Check out my twitter @LinkageAX
-Check out our official website
-See everyone off

Just remember guys, you can contact me on Twitter with any feedback and responses for the show @LinkageAX. You can also reach me privately at my email address

The opinions shared in this series are my own and not reflect the views of Capsule Computers as a whole. Check out the video embedded below for this weeks Gaming Connection goodness.

Gaming for as long as my memory serves me, probably longer.

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