The Gaming Connection Episode 1 – MMORPGs

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Welcome to the first episode of The Gaming Connection with me as your host, Benjamin “LinkageAX” Webb. In this weeks extra-long pilot episode of the series, we take a slightly-shallow dig at the MMORPG genre in gaming. Starting with Ultima Online, we move into a somewhat shallow analysis of freedom within the genre.

The Episode is titled The Gaming Connection with LinkageAX – Freedom in MMORPGs. Hope you enjoy it!

This weeks agenda is as follows –

The Gaming Connection –
With LinkageAX.

Topic: MMORPG’s

Agenda –

-Greet peeps
-Introduce Self
-Introduce Topic

-What is an MMORPG?
-Comparison between old and new.
-Example of horrible recent MMORPG (The Secret World)
-Example of okay recent MMORPG (TERA)
-How I feel MMORPG’s should be handled

-Closing Statements
-Connecting with you: What is your favourite MMORPG and why? #GamingConnection
-Check out my twitter @LinkageAX
-Check out our official website
-See everyone off

Just remember guys, you can contact me on Twitter with any feedback and responses for the show @LinkageAX. You can also reach me privately at my email address

The opinions shared in this series are my own and not reflect the views of Capsule Computers as a whole. Check out the video embedded below for this weeks Gaming Connection goodness.

Gaming for as long as my memory serves me, probably longer.

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