Tekken Tag Tournament 2’s pre-order bonuses detailed further

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With the release date of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 only a couple weeks away, fans of the series everywhere have a certain decision they must make. What retailer should they head to with their money to get the most pre-order bonuses? Well today Namco Bandai went over the various pre-order bonuses that will be available to pre-orderers in North America. As for you gamers in Australia and New Zealand you will be able to get the same content as us North American gamers, except they will be obtainable from JB Hi-Fi and EB Games.

The company released two trailers detailing what type of bonuses will be given, though it is worth noting that GameStop will actually have the most bonuses out of all the other stores which are only given one or two individual bonuses. Check out the trailers below to see what you will be able to receive for your early devotion to the title.

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