New Female Wedding Comedy Movie – Bachelorette

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So, in an effort to compete with the male-buddy films that involve bloke-y humour there seem to be more female films being released that are along the same vein. There was Bridesmaids, released last year, that proved that female actors can also do humour in the same way – only with a female twist – and get away with being hilarious.

In a similar move, here comes Bachelorette (and hey, it even sounds the same). Starring Rebel Wilson (who was also in Bridesmaids, though not in such a main role) as the girl who is getting married, much to the shock and chagrin of Kirsten Dunst’s very much single character. To add to the embarrassment she, along with her high school friends Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan (or Janis from Mean Girls), have been asked to be bridesmaids. Throw in an egotistical James Marsden and Parks and Recreation’s Adam Scott and you’ve got the making of a movie that will probably hit all the typical stereotypes while having a few funny moments due to the great comedy cast.

Bridesmaids was genuinely funny because they did break female wedding movie conventions, so hopefully Bachelorette will do the same. Hopefully Lizzy Caplan has picked another winner to star in.

Watch the trailer below! What do you guys reckon, yay or nay for female comedy?

Bachelorette comes out on September 7, 2012 in the US.

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