Left 4 Dead 2 on Linux out performs Windows Version

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For those of you who have kept up with Valve news you might remember that they announced they will be releaseing some games on the Linux platform. Well this will come as a no shocker to all of you as it looks like Valve’s hit game Left 4 Dead 2 will be one of them and so far the Linux version of the game is performing the Direct X Windows version.

Even now, during development, the Valve team has L4D2 running at 315 frames per second on the Linux test platform, as compared to the standard Windows speed of 270.6 FPS. For those of you who like it in a more understandable way, the game is running about 15% faster on Linux than Windows. Keep in mind though that these are just tests since the game is still in development for the operating system but it does show some promise. If all goes well maybe we can expect to see more releases on the operating system in the future.

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