Combo Cooking Mama Packs Out Now for the DS & Wii

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Remember a while back when we brought you news that Mama’s 2-packs would be hitting shelves soon? Well, consider this a friendly reminder that all three are out today, bundling together some of the best titles that the famed mother has put out this generation.

Just in case you need another reminder of which pack has what, Cooking Mama with Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures is on Mama’s Combo Pack #1, Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends and Crafting Mama are on #2, and Cooking Mama Cook Off and Cooking Mama World Kitchen can be found on Mama’s 2 Pack for the Wii, with all three boasting a price-tag of $29.99. All of this Majesco love is in stores today, so if you’ve missed out, now is a fine time to snag up one or more of these compilations today.

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