BodyGuardz Pure Glass ScreenGuard Released

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BodyGuardz demoed their newest product for the iPhone 4/4s today. The BodyGuardz Pure Glass ScreenGuard is a premium tempered glass screen shield with a smudge resistant coating. Ranking 8H+ on the hardness scale (For your reference, the hardest on the scale is an 10H which is a diamond), the Pure Glass ScreenGuard will survive scratches, shock, and chemicals while delivering an optically clear performance. The screen shield is only .4mm thick, ensuring your iPhone stays slim in the pocket. And for those worried about using a glass screen shield, the glass is a safety anti-shatter glass so in the case it does shatter, there will be no sharp edges to cut yourself on. The traditional BodyGuardz Advantage Replacement program comes with the $39.95 price tag meaning if you manage to break or scratch the shield, a cheap and easy replacement is just around the corner. You can buy a BodyGuardz Pure Glass ScreenGuard here and check out the demo video below.


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