Battlefield 4 to Stay in the Modern Era

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After being revealed in a Medal of Honor: Warfighter promotion, Dice and EA have finally brought us more details for their future title, Battlefield 4.

In a talk at GDC Europe, DICE’s Karl Magnus Troedsson confirmed the setting of the game. “We still want to stay in this genre, the modern day as it is. We feel this is a place we can be and continue with the series. Battlefield 4 can live in this space and be very successful.”

“There are a lot of things inspiring us as to how the franchise will move on. Everything from fans’ feedback, to market research and, of course, what we want to build ourselves. It’s not just one single thing,” said Troedsson, continuing with a hint of sarcasm. “And, yes, I know Battlefield 4 is probably the most creative name we ever could come up with. I can’t comment any more on that game because it’s all secret.”

He later went on to say that another Bad Company game isn’t out of Dice’s big picture, “That doesn’t mean there might not be a Bad Company game again in the future.”

Battlefield 4 is to be released holiday 2013 or early 2014.

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