Apple awarded $1.05 billion in Samsung lawsuit

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Well… damn that is a lot of money… a California court has found after only three days of deliberation, that Samsung infringed on six of the seven Apple patents that were brought forward in the case. Thanks to this, Apple has been awarded $1.05 billion dollars in damages which is an absolutely huge amount of money.

In most of the infringement cases, the jury found that Samsung willfully violated the patents and that nearly every recent Samsung product was violating at least one Apple patent. Future repercussions are currently unknown but this is a major blow to Samsung and obviously a huge victory for Apple.

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  • Dude45

    As much as I hate Apple with a passion, Samsung deserves it for blatantly ignoring even Google’s warnings and refusing to buy licenses from Apple

  • cusman

    In South Korean loosing the same lawsuit the damages awarded was something like 22k or 15k. Also, Apple lost some patent infringement lawsuits to Samsung at the same time they won some.
    Wouch on the damages awarded for essentially the same case in US.

  • Ben

    Fucking Apple. Greedy C$#ts

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