A Certain Magical Index’s English dub cast revealed and trailered

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With the release of A Certain Magical Index (also known as To Aru Majutsu no Index in Japanese) in North America a little over two months away, FUNimation chose today to reveal the English dub cast for all of the main characters in the series and then some.

The full cast list can be seen below and below that a trailer can be seen showing off the English dub for the first time. Those who are anticipating the series will be able to pick it up on DVD when it is released on October 30th.

CHARACTER Actor/Actress
AUREOLUS Jason Liebrecht
HIMEGAMI Lindsay Seidel
HITOTSUI Mike McFarland
INDEX Monica Rial
KAMIJO Micah Solusod
KANZAKI Morgan Garrett
KAZAKIRI Alexis Tipton
KOMOE Jād Saxton
KUROKO Alison Viktorin
LAST ORDER Brittney Karbowski
MIKOTO Brittney Karbowski
PIERCE Scott Freeman
SHERRY Stephanie Young
STIYL Robert McCollum
TOYA Christopher R. Sabat
YOMIKAWA Martha Harms
YOSHIKAWA Caitlin Glass
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