3D Solitaire and The Lost Town Shuffle Out to the eShop

Nintendo News Casual Action 3DS

Well, the 8-Bit summer has come to a close, but there are still a couple titles that have been released this week onto the eShop for those of you still looking for downloads. Zen Studios’ 3D Solitaire is…well, 3D Solitaire that is only $2.99, which makes it a decent value. For $4.99, DSi/3DS owners can pick up The Lost Town, which is an action/adventure game where players must explore a town that was hit by a meteorite, and try to survive against the crazed inhabitants that still remain.

There is also a couple new videos up, such as a new Dinosaur Office and a preview for New Super Mario Bros. 2 that displays the Rainbow Courses. If you’re after a sale, Super Mario Land will go for one buck less starting today through Wednesday, Aug. 8th. Yes, it’s a light week, but with Mario coming out and Kingdom Hearts already upon us, I’m not too concerned for now. Check back next week for more eShop downloading goodness.

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