The Secret World Is Now Open


To players around the world on the PC platform as it has now officially been released by EA and Funcom. The game itself is retailing for $89.99AUD and is set in a world where conpiracy theories, myths and legends are all said to exist within.

Players can choose to be one of three secret organisations each vying for world domination – The Templars, The Illuminati and the Dragon. What sets this MMORPG apart from the rest is it’s unique modern day setting and it’s step away from traditional MMORPG builds.

“We are proud and very excited to launch The Secret World with Funcom,” said Sinjin Bain, Vice President, EA Partners. “This is truly a unique offering in the MMO genre, and we’re confident players are going to love exploring familiar locations in a real, contemporary world as they uncover the game’s many secrets and wonderful story.”

Players are able to travel around the world and confront various types of folklore legends, myths and other kinds of mysteries, such as fighting Count Dracula in the land of Transylvania. The game will also cost an additional  $14.99 per month, as is par with most MMORPGs.

Be sure to check out the Official Site for more info.

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