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The developers over at En-Masse Entertainment have recently revealed their upcoming content update for the MMORPG TERA called: The Argon Queen. This update looks like it will be bringing along some exciting new content for players to pick up and enjoy whilst adding to the overall TERA experience.

Over the course of the next few weeks, the developers and publishers will be releasing info on all the upcoming content for the update. The first new piece of information will be appearing on the 31st of July and will be covering the upcoming new 10-player raid called (I believe) The Nexus Traverse.

The following is their full schedule and brief description –

July 31

Nexus Dungeon

Nexus Raids

Introducing TERA’s first raid content! Take a ten-player team into the Nexus Traverse.

August 2

New Skills

New Skills

New lancer and warrior skills: hit harder, block better, dodge faster.

August 7

Sirjuku Gallery

Sirjuka Gallery

You may have dealt with the wicked god Thulsa, but he left plenty of dangers and treasures behind in Sirjuka Gallery.

August 9

Argon Corpus

Argon Corpus

Invade a huge argon installation and plunder its depths. Dead Federation soldiers litter the halls—will you join them?

August 14

Manayas Core

Manaya’s Core

Fight Shandra Manaya, the powerful and mysterious ruler of the argons.

August 16



Enjoy the thrills of arena combat while perfecting your teamwork.

Finally, they have also released a trailer for the upcoming update, which you can check out below. Also be sure to check back in on their website for all of the upcoming update info.

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