Posted by Travis Bruno on Jul 18, 2012

Resident Evil 6’s snake boss trumps Resident Evil 1’s

If you didn’t like fighting against the giant snake boss back in Resident Evil 1 then you certainly won’t like the look of the new giant snake that players will have to face off against in Resident Evil 6. Over this past weekend Capcom revealed a new trailer, which can now be seen below, showing off the newest B.O.W. as it attacks Chris and his partner Piers.

Besides the giant snake we are also treated to some other scenes of Leon and his partner running from zombies as the city they are in is overrun. If, for whatever reason, you still don’t know Resident Evil 6’s release date then you can expect it to hit stores on October 2nd for the PS3 and 360 with a PC version coming eventually.

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  • The first one will always be the scariest. But lets see about this one.