Posted by Travis Bruno on Jul 19, 2012

Persona 4 Golden box art finalized

Fans of the Persona 4 series were growing a bit concerned about Atlus’ upcoming release, Persona 4 Golden’s box art because for many months the image shown was simply of the title itself with a simple yellow background. While complaining about a background is frivolous at best, gamers can be quite a picky bunch… especially when it comes to anything related to their favorite JRPGs.

Today Atlus revealed the finalized box art for Persona 4 Golden and it can be seen to the right. Now gamers will know what exactly they will be looking for once the game hits store shelves on October 20th in North America. Seems that the PlayStation Vita is going to be getting a nice influx of games over the next few months, with Persona 4 Golden looking to be one of the highlights.

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