Nintendo Introduce Mid-Month Club Nintendo Reward

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Normally, all digital rewards through Club Nintendo come at the beginning of a month, and expire at the end like clockwork. This month is the start of something new however, as Elektroplankton has expired early (as of July 15th), and a new digital release has already taken it’s place.

Starship Defense is the latest addition, and is a DSiWare romp that plays exactly as you would expect. Players must stop enemies from approaching their base by upgrading their equipment in true tower defense style. You will also notice that this title has a very interesting, grid based visual design, with very little color. Sure, it looks a bit basic, but I am intrigued by the mass simplicity here and it’s a good thing we are seeing rewards such as this, as I didn’t even know Starship Defense existed until now. You can snag this title for 150 coins for a limited time, so get to it and give this smaller release some lovin.


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