Groupees have launched their latest gaming bundle with Build a Bundle 2. Like the previous BaB, gamers are able to choose three to twelve great indie titles and build their own indie bundle. The more games added to their bundle, the higher the minimum price they will be required to pay for the game.

Games Available

Will Fight for Food – PC + Linux (Desura Key)

Dino D-Day – PC (Steam Key)

Dead Horde – PC (Steam Key)

Iron Grip: Warlord – PC (Steam Key)

Hammerfight  – PC (Steam Key)

Alien Breed: Impact  – PC (Steam Key)

DogFighter  – PC (Steam Key)

Syberia II  – PC (Steam Key)

A Stroke of Fate: Operation Valkyrie  – PC (Steam Key)

Depth Hunter – PC (Desura Key) Mac and Linux in Developement

Postal – PC, Mac, and Linux (Desura Key)

Tiny Bang Story  – PC and Mac (Steam Key and DRM Free)

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