Posted by Travis Bruno on Jun 22, 2012

Vice President of THQ resigns

You’ve probably noticed over the past few months that THQ hasn’t exactly been doing the best financially and it seems that the best way to rectify this issue is to make at least a few changes in the highest levels of the company. SEC filings from THQ reveal that the vice president of the company who also happens to be their corporate controller and chief accounting officer Teri Manby resigned from the company back on June 14th, though he will be assisting with the transition until July 6th.

The man who will be filling this position is Rose Cunningham, who is currently senior director of financial reporting. Cunningham will be taking over all three positions left vacant by Teri’s leaving. No reason was given for his leaving of the company at this time, so it is safe to let your minds wander and think of your own reasons.

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