SQUIDS Wild West Swims onto iOS Today

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The sequel to the turn-based RPG hit SQUIDS has released today for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.  SQUIDS Wild West continues the story of the cephalopod adventurers as they try to save the seas from the terrors of the black ooze.  This time heading to the hometown of gunslinger Clint to seek aid in their journey, the group meets up with 4 all new squid to join the party, as well as new foes, obstacles, and helmets.

SQUIDS Wild West is set to have the same quality in art, humor, and music of the first game, but also providing more challenges and features to spice up gameplay.  From easier party customization, to difficulty adjustment, to iCloud syncing so players can utilize the same saves on any of their iOS devices.  Be sure to watch the trailer below and check out the game HERE, which is currently 50% off or $0.99 in honor of its launch.

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