Pokemon Black & White 2 Hit 1 Million Pre-Orders

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Pokemon Black & White 2 are bound to be huge when they hit this fall, but if early numbers are any indication, this duo may be the biggest success in the franchises’ history. The Pokémon Company recently revealed that Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 have surpassed the one million mark in pre-orders, with a total amount of 1.16 million hit on June 17th.

Yeah, yeah, we know these games sell, but these numbers really show how much fans still care about that classic Pokemon formula. These titles will of course feature a brand new story, taking place after the events of the first story and will also include many of the past species from the start. Fall seems a long ways off for us in the west, but this is just the beginning and you can be sure that there is even more promotion and hype to come in the near future.

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