Learn With Pokémon Typing Adventure Headed to Europe

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Remember that Japanese Pokemon game that came out a while back with the keyboard? Well, it looks like Pokemon fans will be able to type along to their favorite critters soon, as Nintendo is set to launch Learn With Pokémon Typing Adventure this fall in Europe.

The main strategy of this title is exactly as it would seem, with players typing the names of Pokemon as they appear in order to perform a catch. There are over 400 Pokemon included as well, which makes for a good usage of the bundled in keyboard that retails with the game (which is blue tooth compatible). As you would expect, Learn With Pokémon Typing Adventure is aimed towards the younger market, but considering how computers run the world these days, it seems like a fine product to teach kids how to type. As of now, nothing has been announced for North America and it seems a bit unlikely, but never say never as weirder things have happened. Those of you in Europe can rejoice though, as Learn With Pokémon Typing Adventure launches this September.

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