Gameplay Videos for PONG Indie Developer Challenge Semi-Finalists

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The semi-finalist deadline has come and gone for the PONG Indie Developer Challenge, which means that all the videos showing off the games are now available online and what I feel is one of the better entries can be seen below.  Overall, the entries range from really good looking to being hard to tell what the evolution really is, but that might just be how the video is cut.  Most of the videos show off some pretty interesting gameplay and unique ideas.

Right now the games are being run through a judging process to get the competition down to at most 10 finalists, which will then be released and, depending on how they rank out in the wild, receive cash prizes.  The finalists will be announced on June 26th, but to see all 15 semi-finalist videos, players can check out the Atari YouTube Channel HERE.

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