E3: 2012 Nike+ Kinect Training Impressions

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The trend of assuming gamers are unfit and/or want to be more fit continues to propagate as the Nike+ Kinect Training was announced at the Xbox Press Conference at E3 2012.  From the looks of it, they are shooting for more than just counting steps as the Kinect seems to watch you as you exercise and take measurements as you go.  The speaker spoke about how the best athletes get better by measuring, so now you can get in on this too with the Kinects ability to read you every movement.

The combination of Nike+ and Kinect seems like a good combination for those interested in that sort of thing, but honestly seems like something people would only do if they already happen to have both as I don’t see anyone getting one or both for this.   We’ll seems does as it seems to be another jump on the bandwagon of fitness related gaming content.

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