Chris Ballew records Quantum Conundrum soundtrack

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Square Enix revealed today that the soundtrack for the environmental puzzle game, Quantum Conundrum, which will be released on PC’s on June 21st and consoles later this year, will be recorded by none other than Chris Ballew who happens to be a two time Grammy nominated songwriter. He also happens to be the lead singer for The Presidents of the United States of America.

As to what inspired Crhis to work on the soundtrack for Quantum Conundrum he had this to say: “I like making music for kids because I admire their inventive imaginations, and as an adult I nurture that same creativity in myself. The gameplay, humor and art style in Quantum Conundrum embodies that same sentiment.” Those who are curious about what the soundtrack’s album cover will look like can see it to the right and also probably notice its distinct similarities to another album cover involving a baby and some money.

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