WWE13 has made its first appearance in a recently leaked trailer narrated by the self proclaimed best in the world. CM Punk. CM Punk invites us with what seems to be this years title to “Live the Revolution” all while watching Stone cold spear Mankind through a free standing ringside fence (think WCW or ECW) and Kane superplex Big Show (both with their new attires) causing the ring to collapse. Other notable appearances are the best in the world at everything he does Chris Jericho, a very classic looking Undertaker and the Great White, Sheamus.

All of this plus the Road Dogg tweeting that he and Billy Gunn had already done voice work for the game and the strong possibility indicated by an ESPN article that Diamond Dallas Page entered a recent agreement that has led to him being a character in the latest WWE video game lends itself heavily toward the rumor that this years game will have an attitude era theme.

But wait. There’s more! As the leaked trailer concludes we’re treated to the release date of November 1st 2012. We’re left wondering “Is this a good thing since the game is usually released late November? Well, it may prevent me from hulking up and running wild from lack of patience but what does it mean for the polish and last minute tweaks to the game?”

For now the only answer we have is to wait and see, though personally all that’s on my mind is Diamond Cutter vs RKO, the King of the Bada-Bing vs the Apex Predator. WWE13 November 1st 2012…



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