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In an announcement that equates to an earth shattering explosion, Madman have confirmed that Transformers: Prime, which they licensed as part of their Hasbro deal, will be crash landing onto the prime real estate that is DVD, in case you didn’t expect that when they licensed the title.

They plan on rolling out the first volume of Transformers: Prime on the 20th of June at price of $19.95. This release of Transformers: Prime looks to be more than meets the eye as this DVD will pack the punch of 110 minutes of unbridled Transformers madness that would excite anyone who has ever been interested in the colossal franchise that tends to transform with each new iteration. This particular iteration boasts some impressive CG visuals that of course suits Transformers to a tee because it features transforming robots (a staple of CG visuals).

This first release of Transformers: Prime will feature 5 episodes of the extreme new take on the Transformers franchise. Also the first volume will bare the subtitle ‘Darkness Rising’ and will most likely involve the darkness of the Decepticons rising in some manner in an attempt to create some kind of bother for those lovable rapscallions, the Autobots.

Be sure to roll yourself out to stores of June 20th to pick up your copy of the hotly anticipated Transformer: Prime Volume 1: Darkness Rising. Let us know in the comments section below how excited you are for this huge release that is undoubtedly more than meets the eye, because it features robots in disguise. See what I did there? If you did, let us know in the comments below!

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