The Dark Knight Rises – Official Trailer #3

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Batman has returned for the epic conclusion “The Dark Knight Rises” in a third trailer that garners even more questions about the storyline. One aspect that does not change throughout the course of Gotham’s history is the amount of destruction the city has seen. This trailer demonstrates destruction at its finest as multiple bridges are rigged to blow and a football stadium is torn asunder. While Gotham is being chewed up like normal, Anne Hathaway makes an appearance as Catwoman – YES! The motives behind “Selina Kyle” may seem different from the previous insane/seductive kitty, but I am interested to see how Anne portrays her feline identity.

Furthermore, a mystery woman – potentially Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter – seems to be snogging with Bruce Wayne adding more intriguing story twists. Considering that only a mere couple seconds are devoted to this scene this seems to be an important side story to the main conflict with Bane. Additionally, Batman claims he has not given Gotham everything which infers a possible sacrifice. If the usurping questions don’t garner your attention, perhaps the new “batmobile” will trip your trigger. Watch the third trailer installment below, and look out for The Dark Knight Rises in theaters July 30th.

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