Starlight Inception Ekes Out Kickstarter Goal

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15 hours ago from this writing Starlight Inception‘s Kickstarter had 3 hours and $15,000 left to pledge to secure funding which was quite a feat of 10%.  Luckily, backers were more than willing to finish off the remainder of the cash and bring the total to more than $158,000, surpassing the goal of $150,000.  Escape Hatch Entertainment set out to prove that players were still interested in the space combat genre and they certainly did it.

What’s left now?  Well, backers can sit back and relax waiting for the game to be completed, but Escape Hatch Entertainment must get hard to work ensuring the game can make its estimated delivery of August 2013.  Some players may be surprised to see only a $150,000 budget for a game like this, but Escape Hatch knows exactly what goes into a game and know they will be able to make a great space combat to pick up where games like Wing Commander and X-Wing left off.

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