Ridge Racer: Unbounded Demo Arrives Fashionably Late…

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Ridge Racer: Unbounded came out a couple months ago and in my opinion, was a pretty solid racer with some beautiful destruction. You can check out the review here, but thanks to Namco, you can also get ready to dive into the demo, which is set to pull into the Xbox Live Marketplace, the PSN, and Steam on May 22nd (PSN) and the 23rd XBLA). The demo for Steam is readily available.

Players can play one of two races in the trial, testing out the Wolfseye GT (street class), or the Hurricana CX (super class). I often don’t snag demos up myself very often, but Unbounded is definitely one title that was overlooked upon release and is well worth at least a test-run from any fan of racers, period.

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