“Rainbow Moon” Now Gold Celebrates with Trailer

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SideQuest Studios and eastasiasoft have announced that the forthcoming game Rainbow Moon has now gone gold and will be releasing in a few weeks to the Playstation Network, but as of yet an official release date isn’t set.  A strategy RPG set in the world of Rainbow Moon, players aid Baldren in trying to seal a gateway that is letting enemy troops ravage the once peaceful world.

Rainbow Moon is a mighty big game that features 6 playable main characters, close to 120 special skills that can be trained, and over 20 different dungeons for the characters to clear.  Focusing on exploration and character development, with a turn-based battle system, the game has a story that can span more than 40 hours.  Check out the trailer below to get an idea what’s going down and be sure check back for the release date when its set.

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