New Van Helsing Action RPG in the Works

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Both fans of Action RPGs and the legendary character Van Helsing should be interested in hearing about a new game in the works called The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing.  Developer NeocoreGames have announced that the game is being designed for PC and Xbox LIVE Arcade, currently with a late 2012 release, and will star the son of the famed monster slayer, Van Helsing.

Featuring a 19th century European setting with all the gothic elements players would expect from something with Van Helsing in the title, the game follows the younger Van Helsing investigating the land of Borgovia at the request of former supernatural enemies.  Van Helsing must find and defeat this new plight, but in a story that features “wry humor and snappy dialogue”.  What’s more the monsters aren’t the straight up supernatural that players might expect as seen in the concept art below, showcasing monsters infused with steampunkesque technology.

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