New The Last of Us Cutscene Released

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Unbelievably it’s been six months since the announcement of Naughty Dog’s next project The Last of Us.  The post apocalyptic tale centres on two survivors; Joel, a seemingly ruthless character, and Ellie, a fourteen year old girl who despite being an old head on young shoulders has no memory of the world before the apocalypse. Things have been a bit quiet on the news front for The Last of Us recently, so this clip is sure to get fans of the Uncharted developer talking once more.

The video released today show something of the events that occur when Joel and Ellie visit an abandoned city. It’s only a small cutscene but it manages to tell a lot about the two characters and their perspectives on the utterly destroyed world they find themselves in. Naughty Dog are sure to reveal more about the title at E3 in a few weeks time, but for now feast your eyes and ears on the video below.

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