Incipio Releases offGRID Pro Battery Case for iPhone 4/4s

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With iOS 5’s new features, many iPhone users have noticed their battery life butchered. Thankfully there are better solutions than never being more than 100 meters from a power outlet and hauling a sync cable and USB charger everywhere. Enter Incipio’s new offGRID PRO Backup Battery case. The case is constructed from slim black polycarbonate and sports two rechargeable and interchangeable lithium ion batteries. Each battery is rated at 1600 mAh and 3.7v output.  The case can be charged via micro USB port or the external battery charger. There are generous holes cut out for access to the camera and the vibration switch. Included in the case is a 3.5mm headphone adapter to ensure that no matter how big the plug on your headphones are, they will work with your case.

The case costs $99.99 on Incipio’s site and is available in black, gunmetal, and white. 

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