Worms Revolution and the Environmental situation

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The Worms are coming, again under the guidance of Andy Davidson, the original creator of the concept who has returned to Team 17 to guide the Worms revolution project, and some new concept art has been released showcasing some of the new environments. Whether playing in single player or multiplayer modes the game will always take part in one of four differing environmental locations including

– the Sewer which is one part of a sewer network and the Rock Pool with a lovely beach view

– the Garden of a house belonging to a mad scientist as well as a Farmyard scene.

The game will feature unique technology where the original cutaway worms background has been replaced by a 3D rendered background, yet retains the same granular environmental deformation as its 2D traditional counterpart. While it was always a goal to render the backgrounds in 3D to improve the visuals, the team were adamant that the deformation physics remain the same as to preserve the classic worms gameplay we all know and love so much.

Each of the 4 differing environments are made up of 5 seperate elements including

– the background which houses all the other elements such as the deformed landscape that reacts to the worms and their weapons

– detail objects such a limpets which are found througout the different environments

– wind indicators which are objects that float across the screen and give the player and indication as to wind direction

– base water which sits below each landscape and acts as a death poon for any worms that dare fall into it

Within the various environments can exist borders whihc add a new dimension to the game. Any battle that takes place in a bordeered environment has to be more strategic as the border walls are impenetrable. This removes things like air strikes from gameplay and makes players think a bit more as to how to destroy the enemy. Keep posted for more Worms Revolution news.



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