“The Bluecoats – North Vs. South” Train and Fort Gameplay

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Anuman Interactive has released more information for The Bluecoats game they will be releasing for PC, Mac, iPad, and iPhone on May 10th.  Most important was that the name has changed from The Bluecoats – North and South to The Bluecoats – North vs. South, so they have released the new logo reflecting the change.

The other information that Anuman Interactive released was about the train and fort attack and defend gameplay.  When attacking or defending a fort, the game will utilize a shooting mini-game that features cover based tactics in either mode.  Where as for the train, the gameplay between attacking and defending is very different.  Attacking involves riding on horseback and avoiding enemies and obstacles to reach the front of the train.  Defending however players must stop the horseman using whatever they can.  Be sure to check it out May 10th.

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