Score Big with Freekick Battle on iOS

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For those soccer lovers out there, Gamevil’s new app is the perfect fix, Freekick Battle. With a sophisticated physics engine and intuitive touch control, this simple single button gameplay is a realistic and great way for you to practice your goal shooting skills. Virtual goal shooting skills, that is.

There is an Arcade Mode where you go head to head with a CPU to earn experience points and make some money with your skills. You can also play against other players across the world in real-time Match Play, seeing who can shoot the most goals in a specific time period, with the chance to level up. You also get a competitive online ranking based on your wins and points, so aim for that top ranking and show those other soccer star wannabes who is top dog!

And what is an app without customizable options? You can also dress up and change the facial features of your little goal kicker, with a wide range of costumes to choose from.

Freekick Battle is available NOW for FREE for iPhone, iTouch and iPad – Grab it HERE

BRB, playing games.

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