R.A.W. Realms of Ancient War – Warrior Video Released

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Is coming soon from Focus Home Interactive. The game is a hack-and-slash styled game being developed by Wizarbox for the Xbox360, Playstation 3 and PC. This video on the Warrior class showcases some gameplay featuring the Warrior.

To quote the developers/publisher –

In the video of today, watch all the rage of the warrior freely expressed! Courageous, hot-headed and expert in close combat, the Warrior thrives at the very heart of the battle. Swinging his dual blades with power and speed, his powerful melee attacks are devastating, sometimes allowing him to strike down dozens of enemies at once! And when his health goes bad, bloody rage embraces him and make him even more powerful, more resilient, enabling him to cause even more damage… there is nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal! Plunge now in battle through one minute of action-packed video, focusing exclusively on the Warrior and his devastating attacks! Watch him battle, relentlessly, the hordes of creatures and the huge bosses trying to stop him!

The video is a pretty fun watch and reminds one of other hack-and-slash styled games, like Diablo or Torchlight. So players who know titles like these will probably feel right at home with R.A.W. From the look of things, the Warrior class is mostly a melee type class with some short range moves for enemies slightly out of your swinging range. This could be a fun class to play if you like having enemies right on top of you.

Be sure to check out the trailer, embedded below, and the official website for more info.

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