Orcs Must Die 2 Announced

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Robot Entertainment, the developer that brought us Orcs Must Die!, has announced that it will be releasing Orcs Must Die! 2 this summer.  Adding the Sorceress as a new player character, the sequel will feature co-op and a brand new campaign taking place days after the original.  Not to mention new enemies in addition to those you enjoyed killing so much the first time around.  But, that’s not all as there will be new spells and traps to use too, harnessing a revised upgrade system.

Sorry though XBLA fans, this time around it looks to be a PC exclusive.  But, those fans from Orcs Must Die! will receive bonus content by owning the original PC version.  Those going to Pax East will have a chance at a playable version at Robot Entertainments booth.  Otherwise you’ll just have be content with the video and wait until it drops this summer.

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