NIS America to bring Bunny Drop anime to North America in August

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Today at Anime Central NIS America revealed that they have acquired the license to release Usagi Drop in North America. The title of the show will be changed to its English counterpart, Bunny Drop, when it is released on both Blu-ray and DVD on August 7th. As one may expect NIS America is going to be giving Bunny Drop their usual premium edition treatment which means the title will come with a collectible slipcover as well as a hardcover art book.

For those who don’t know, Bunny Drop follows the story of a thirty year old bachelor named Daikichi who attends his grandfather’s funeral only to find out that his grandfather has a 6 year old daughter named Rin. When no one in the family wants to take care of her, Daikichi vows to watch over her and raise her as if she was his own. It is worth noting that Bunny Drop is only an eleven episode series, however NIS America will be including the four bonus episodes which were released after the series ended in Japan.

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