Lollipop Chainsaw costumes shown off during Japanese conference

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While most of us in North America will never be able to attend a video game party or even a convention of any kind, you can still watch them in progress. Yesterday Kadokawa Games held a Lollipop Chainsaw party and two of Juliet’s voice actresses were in attendance.

In the trailer below you can see plenty of gameplay as well as Juliet wearing all sorts of different outfits as she slays the undead. Don’t feel jealous however, as it has already been confirmed that Warner Brothers will be releasing all the costumes worldwide in one way or another. Of course whether or not this will entitle pre-order bonuses or DLC has yet to be seen. I wonder if you can use the Mysteltainn kick when you are wearing Haruna’s outfit from Kore wa Zombie desu ka?…

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