Kingdom Hearts 3D to receive demo in Japan; new English screenshots released

Square Enix News Adventure 3DS

Square Enix in Japan has revealed their plans to release a downloadable demo for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance in Japan next week. The demo will be able to be played by Japanese 3DS users 15 times before the demo deletes itself automatically. Those who play the demo will be able to travel through Traverse Town as they play as Sora. To pad out your party Square Enix is also including Wonder Nyan, Neko Cat and Kuma Panda as Dream Eaters to go along with you.

While Square Enix in North America hasn’t said anything about a demo being released here, they have released a slew of new English screenshots and enemy artwork which can be seen below. Until demo plants are announced those eager to play Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance will need to wait until the game’s release date of July 31st in North America and July 20th in PAL regions.

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